What you can do with NFC tags (27 ideas)

Wedding Invitations

NFC is used for RSVP wedding cards instead of traditional wedding invitations. Data can be written in the tag and embedded into a card. You will definitely hear people “wowing” your special and unique wedding invitation.

Anti-theft handbag

Anti-theft handbags are one of the popular NFC tags used. Designer handbags like Choklat are NFC-activated. It helps owners identify their bags with a single touch. The most amazing feature is the journey log that helps owners track if the bag is stolen.

Surprisingly, NFC tags are not only used for bags. You can use it for other expensive items like shoes, clothes, or antique items. The added protection and anti-functionality help you recover these items in case they are stolen.

NFC passport

VIPs usually have NFC passports for convenient passage. An NFC passport can be embedded behind a customer’s mobile phone to make it function like a passport.

Consequently, VIPs with smart passports can leverage priority security checks and enter terminals faster. NFC definitely offers an enhanced consumer experience.

Key Fobs

Keyfobs are special NFC tags that can be used as a remote control. You can access controls in your smart homes such as turning the lights on, managing temperature, and closing blinds without touching them.

You can program keyfobs to complete tasks that you do on a regular basis such as turning on your phone’s navigation. They make things easy and more convenient.

NFC tags for Bluetooth speaker

Using NFC tag you can do away the hassles of Bluetooth functionality. Just imagine, after a long day of work you only want to slide into the couch and turn on the music instantly. But Bluetooth still requires at least 2-5 minutes turning it on and connecting it with your speaker.

However, if you have an NFC tag implanted in your speaker you only need to put your NFC mobile phone on top of the sticker. At one tap, you can enjoy great music and totally relax.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

NFC tags are gems for restaurant owners. Even if you have a coffee shop or a club, there is no doubt there is no doubt guests would come to ask to have WIFI-access. But would you still repeat the password many times?

With NFC tags, not anymore. If you stick an NFC tag on each table, each guest can simply tap and connect to the Wi-Fi automatically. Now, you don’t just provide the best food in town. But you’re number one in terms of customer convenience.

Anti-face brand protection

Today, there are lots of copycats circulating online. These include apparel, accessories, bags, and even food. But what concerns us more is the rampant issue of fake and dangerous food.

To reduce this, manufacturers can put NFC fragile labels to work. These are popularly used in the wine industry. Generally, the NFC sticker is attached to the wine bottle. These NFC tags are semiconductors that bear a unique identification number for each wine bottle.

Customers with smartphones can just scan the NFC tag. This shows unique information about the wine they are buying and adds to the confidence that they are buying original wines.

NFC wristbands

NFC wristbands are ideal for events. Gone are the days when event sponsors sell paper tickets. Nowadays, NFC wristbands make everything so easy. It helps with faster admission and eliminates scenarios where people have to fall in line to the entrance.

Using NFC tags, guests only need to scan their wrist bands. Most importantly, event sponsors can collect customer data for future market study.

Tourist navigation

Tourist destinations can embed NFC tags in scenic spots. So visitors who are not familiar with the place’s history can just scan the code and learn.

What’s more with NFC tags is that hosts can encode more information about accommodation and restaurants. You don’t need to keep talking. Guests can just tap and read.

Pet tracking

Pet owners can have pet ID tags around their pet’s neck. This tag has a QR and NFC chip where your personal information and your dog’s are stored.

In case your dog is lost, anyone with a smartphone can scan it. With the information you have provided, it is easy for them to know where and how to return the pet.

Most importantly, if you have to leave for some days and you need to leave your pet to a boarding house, you can check and confirm it is the right pet you get when you come back.

Digital bookmark for cooks

Do you love to cook? Are you the kind who always forget steps when cooking? Well, if you forget some steps and you want to search for the specific recipe on the internet but forgot exactly which website to refer to, you can use NFC tags.

You can encode a digital bookmark in the NFC tag and stick it in your kitchen. If you want to make delicious food, you just scan it and all your recipes will appear. This is useful especially if you are self-managing a personally owned café or restaurant.

Keep the alarm

It’s hard to get up in the morning but you are going to be late for work. To solve this, you can create an NFC sticker and stick it far away from the bed.

When the alarm goes off, you must let your phone touch it. Otherwise, your phone will keep on ringing until you get back up again.

NFC for organizing stuff

Have you been forgetting things all the time? We tend to forget things when we have a lot to think about. To solve this, you can use NFC tags to help you remember.

For example, you are stacking boxes of baby clothes. You can put an NFC sticker on each box and encode unique information in them. The next time you need the things inside these boxes, you can just scan the code. Then you will get the information you need right in your phone.

Save phone battery

Your smartphone battery can easily drain. However, the NFC tag can help to make it last longer. Just stick an NFC sticker and put it on the head of the bed or backpack.

When you are asleep, you can just put your phone on top of it. The NFC tag will take care of turning off unused applications to save your battery.

Silent mode during meetings

Companies can use NFC tags to automate silent mode in an employee’s cell phone everytime there is a meeting. For example, you can stick it on the door of your Conference Room.

Before entering, employees must tap their phone on the sticker and their phone automatically is set to silent mode. This way, you can proceed with your meeting quietly.

Laundry Management

Different materials for clothing require various types of care when washing. But are you keen enough to know it all?

If you are in the laundry business, you will probably find it hard to memorize all the care requirements for different types of clothing. However, you can leave all the work to the NFC Laundry tag

There are many ways to use NFC tags for laundry. You can stick it in different clothing to know their specific care requirement. But you can also use it to tell which laundry belongs to which owner.

NFC poster

NFC posters are one of the popular NFC tags used since 2012. When a poster has an RFID sticker, you can just scan it on your phone. Then you will see the different songs and stories selected for you by your phone.

While traditional posters are still useful today, NFC posters give businessmen more benefits. Aside from being very unique and interesting for the viewers, it is a great marketing tool.

Smart ring

You can never say you’ve reached the future until you’ve owned an NFC ring. This stylish ring is a powerful accessory that you can use for many things. You can use it to gain entry in terminals, pay for shopping, or open the door remotely.

That is because of the NFC tag embedded inside the ring. How does it work? The NFC tags usually contain matching codes with your personal information. So for example, if you’re paying at checkout you can just scan your ring instead of your phone.

Eventually, the NFC tag will send information to your bank using wireless technology and process the payment itself. Since the NFC tag is uniquely programmed to work only for you while recording other security considerations, it can pay for your transaction successfully.

Motion timing

In marathons, athletes normally are normally wearing an NFC wristband. It records information about time, steps, and motion for the whole journey. This way, it is easy to upload information to the webpage and bulletin boards.

Of course, you can also use smart wristbands to record your daily movement. For example, you are training for a marathon and you want to monitor your daily steps. You can purchase a smartwatch and attach it to your wrist. This smartwatch has an NFC tag that records your movement so you can monitor whether you have trained enough.

Quick dial on your phone

Sometimes, you may find it troublesome to find a contact on your phone. You can put an RFID sticker in the corner of your work desk. If you need to call an important person, you can just tap your phone on the sticker. Voila! Your contact will automatically pop up.

Set kitchen timers

Sometimes, when you are too busy you tend to multi-task. For example, while you are cooking you also want to disinfect the house. In this case, you can stick an NFC tag in the kitchen to activate the timer. Just tap your phone on the tag and the timer starts right away. Consequently, you can do other things until the timer rings you back in.

Track your car mileage

An app called MyLog helps you keep track of your car mileage through your phone using an NFC tag. It creates professional reports and trip evaluations for easy viewing. You may use this functionality at a personal level. But it is also very useful especially if you are running a car rental service.

Auto-start PC with your smartphone

You can easily turn on your personal computer at the tap of your phone. You can set your computer to Wake on LAN. Then stick an NFC tag on the monitor. To start, just wave your phone in front of the NFC sticker and your computer automatically turns on.

Loyalty Cards

NFC loyalty cards can help businesses track customer preferences and offer personalized discounts. You can use it to understand customer buying schedules. This way, you can make better offers and improve your satisfaction rate.

Faster download

So you have developed a new mobile application? You can actually use NFC tags to make it sell fast. NFC tags work for offline promotions. You can add an NFC tag to the download URL. Shoppers will just scan the sticker and it will prompt download right away. There is no need for the traditional search and download.

Smart toys

Gone are the days when toys were boring. Now, you can stick NFC tags on toys and program them to play particular music. When your kid chooses a toy, you can just tap your phone on the tag and it eventually plays your chosen music.

Takeaway: Cool NFC Tags Uses

The possibilities with NFC tags are limitless. Who knows, someday you can use it to implant chips in your body and automate things at the tip of your finger.

The most bizarre things are still likely to become reality. Keep tuned in for more information about NFC tags and how you can use it to make life more convenient.