About us

Who is Smart Living?

Smart Home - Smart Living was established in 2020 installing smart home solutions in the Malaga and Marbella areas. In 2022 the webshop, Smart Shopping, was launched offering Smart Home solutions to everyone in Europe as DIY with advice, design and support. Our main product line is Sonoff and other SmartThings compatible devices, focusing on the Zigbee protocol. 


Smart Living Smart Home is your supplier for DIY and for you who just want to live smart in a Smart Home. After designing and installing Smart Homes in new and older homes, we have built up a good network of suppliers and can now through Smart Living offer their professional quality products to you who want to jump into a Smart Home project, of course with the professional guidance and advice from Smart Living. If you buy a product from Smart Living, it has been tested and approved. Since we know our products, we can always help if the need should arise, but most products are actually easy to install ourselves. And best of all - Smart Living offers leading brands to the lowest prices and still with professional support and guidance.

Smart Living makes Smart Homes accessible to everyone, both financially and technically.

Why should you have a Smart Home?

With a Smart Home from Smart Living you will be saving energy, increasing your comfort at home and away, get better security and survelliance and best of all - It is a lot of fun and everyone can do this. 

How can a Smart Home help me?

  • By managing your heating systems, air condition, and lights to be turned on and off at certain conditions (movement, access, temperature, time, etc.) you can reduce your energy bills considerably
  • A Smart Home is an incredible daily help if you have a physical disability. With your voice or a remote control, you can turn on and off your home appliances like lights, cameras, heating, A/C, access control (unlocking/locking doors) etc. without moving around.
  • If you own a holiday home or multiple apartments used for renting, you can easily monitor energy consumption and access control from anywhere. For your own comfort, you can turn on the A/C or heating in advance, so you arrive in a welcoming, warm home.
  • Energy savings to benefit the environment and your finances, by automating electrical appliances like lights and heating to when it is needed
  • Security by monitoring your home while away and automate lights and curtains makes your home look inhabited
  • Make your home even more comfortable by turning all lights on when you arrive home after dark and turn all off when leaving.
  • Create zones in your home to control each room independently
  • Manage all electrical appliances by your voice, your Smart phone, a control panel or even with gestures.
  • Avoid excessive electricity bills (by rentals!) by turning off the air condition, if windows and doors are left open
  • Forgot to turn off the kettle, oven or iron? No problem! You can check and if needed turn it off with your Smart phone while away
  • Use Smart Home for audio and video distribution throughout your home. Turn on relaxing music in the bathrooms or listen to the news in the bedroom in the morning.

Only your creativity decides the possibilities. Basically, everything with an electrical wire can be automated. If you have a special request for automation, do not hesitate to contact Smart Living - We love challenges and will assist you finding the best solution. 


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